MyHealthCompare has moved on....

An enormous THANK YOU to all who participated in the MyHealthCompare experiment.

Your use of the site and feedback has confirmed our belief that an abundance of quality data is only useful if it's easy to consume and in the hands of patients.

The experiment was a success and now, we've taken what we learned and have partnered with organizations who can help deliver this knowledge and insight to a broader audience. We thank you for stopping by and for your participation in this initiative - your support has furthered the cause of optimal, patient-centric healthcare.

The Mission of MyHealthCompare

MyHealthCompare was an experiment in providing a free, easy to use, consumer-friendly website that let you rank and compare over 4600 US hospitals based on the quality of care they deliver and the level of satisfaction that patients experience.

This is similar to other sites but what made MyHealthCompare truly unique was the focus on making it easy to find the best care near you or the one for whom you care.

Thank you for stopping by and for your support in our endeavor.

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